Consortium of Trentino’s cooperatives, SAIT

Il semebronzo e vetro-1999
The seed
bronze and glass-1999

The meaning of the artwork for the Consortium of Trentino’s cooperatives is that of a seed that is thrown. The circular form expresses the common good. The inner core made in glass is the metaphor of the distinguishing value of the cooperative.

The need, the sharing are represented by internal movements that shape and unite the whole work.

La testa del sociodisegno-1999
The head of the member

100 different biographies of members of the cooperative were studied to obtain a portrait of the “Member” including all major aspects.

Testa del socioterracotta-1999
The head of the member

He listen to those who have the charisma,

He shares the idea and makes it his own,

He owns a sweet look and the calmness,

He is submissive, secure, resolute

His physiognomy is typical from Trentino

his own actual and potential qualities are made available to the cooperative.

Being a member of the cooperation, change the person, and necessitates another way to see, feel, live.

L'opera di Lanzerotti per il centenario del SAITbronzo, vetro, legno-1999
The work of Lanzerotti for the centenary of the SAIT
bronze, glass and wood-1999

The work was installed in the offices of the SAIT and represents the story of SAIT and its founder Lanzerotti. This is a story made up of men and in fact we can recognize the portrait of Lanzerotti himself, but also the anonymous portraits of many who took part. The story of the SAIT is represented in all its concrete aspects such as for example the development of an hydroelectric enterprise or also the role of the catholic Bank. The volumes and dynamics of the bas relief represent the breadth of vision that includes all the initiatives and all the dynamics generated by the evolution of society together with the development of the cooperative.

Il testimonecristallo e argento-1999
The baton
crystal and silver-1999

Cooperation as a network of relationships, as a great relay race of social life. The baton of the relay becomes a symbol of this dynamic.