Federation of Cooperation in Trentino

Don Lorenzo Guettibronzo-1985
Don Lorenzo Guetti

The portrait of the founder of Cooperation in Trentino was made on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the Consortium of Trento’s cooperatives for the foyer of the Congress Hall of the Federation.

“The sculpture is open, not full, with free plans, without base. It represents the attitude of Lorenzo Guetti: he accepts the requests of needy persons not considering ideologies, religions, private lives”.

Bassorilievo per il centenario della Federazione Trentina delle Cooperativebronzo-1995
Bas relief for the centenary of  the Consortium of Trento’s cooperatives

In the middle we find the bundle, the simbol of the Clesian Federation. Broadening the gaze, we find the perimeter of the Trentino Region and the cooperatives of first and second degrees. All is bounded by the motto UNITAS (UNITY).

The work in the Hall of Congress, on the table of the Presidency, gives sense and meaning to the assembly.

Medaglia Cento anni di cooperazione nel Trentinoargento-1990
Medal for the centenary of cooperation in Trentino