Works for Padre Pio


Altarebronzo 1999-2001
bronze 1999-2001

New holy furnitures were created during the arrangement of the presbytery in the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie in San Giovanni Rotondo.

The new altar incorporates and preserves within it, as a relic, the altar on which Padre Pio celebrated Mass for many years.

The short sides of the new altar, made in crystal, allow to see the old altar. The long sides are bas-reliefs in bronze.

The decoration facing the priest is dedicated to “The Canticle of the Creatures” of San Francesco.

We recognize the elements (air-water-fire-earth) and the stars: the golden sun in the center is the light of Christ, the silvery moon, to the right is the symbol of Mary, with stars including the brightest that is Padre Pio.

Altare e candelabrobronzo 1999-2001
Altar and candelabra
bronze 1999-2001

The bronze panel facing the congregation represents the triumph of the cross that draws to itself all reality. Other furnishings were created for the area of the altar: a lectern, a holder for the Easter votive candle, a candelabra.

The patinated bronze candelabra with three candles is surrounded by nine human figures representing those who say: “yes”, “present”, “believe”.

The words FAITH HOPE CHARITY are rooted in the local community; the faith of the friars, the hope of the prayer groups, the charity of the house of suffering.

Reliquiario di Padre Piobronzo 1999-2001
Reliquary of Padre Pio
bronze 1999-2001

On the occasion of the works for Padre Pio, collaboration lasted from 1999 to 2001, they are also made two bronze reliquaries, a glass reliquary, a sedan chair, a medal.

The reliquary is made of patinated bronze, following the ancient lost-wax casting process. Father Gerardo of Flumeri (on the left), the historian, is the living memory of Padre Pio: with his hand he writes the history.

Padre Pio is the center of the composition, he turns and looks at us; with his right hand blesses us with a caress and with his left hand offers us the relic. Friar Gerardo Christmas (on the right) supports Padre Pio: his humility and devotion are evident.